“We began with nothing but a dream,” said former Global Samaritan Director Dr. Ed Enzor. “We would use anything we could to acquire and store goods, ranging from people’s garages to classrooms at churches to empty warehouses. Our first ‘real’ home was an empty grocery store in Abilene on South 11th. Later, as Global Samaritan grew due to the support of compassionate Christians, we moved operations into a much larger former grocery store in east Abilene. Finally, thanks to a tremendously generous donation, Global Samaritan was given the 55,000 square foot warehouse and offices of the former Coca Cola facility on North 1st.”

The Global Samaritan Warehouse is the hub of our mission, ministry and purpose. It is the heart of the logistics of collecting kindness, giving hope and serving the world.

Our warehouse allows Global Samaritan to acquire, stock, and ship goods ranging from medical and surgical supplies to clothing to vehicles. The enclosed loading docks allow us to ship goods 24 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions. Our reach now extends far beyond the original dreams of those who founded Global Samaritan. This growth is due to the never-ending generosity and Christ-like support of our friends, donors, and partners. People like you!

An important 2012 initiative has already begun: a full and new audit of our warehouse inventory. When the audit is complete, we will provide an online link to our inventory. Anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, can “shop” in the Global Samaritan warehouse, fill a digital container and arrange for Global Samaritan to supply their clinic, hospital, orphanage, school, or other point of mission. If your organization has difficultly fully funding the shipping costs, we will even work with you to find funding for your shipping.

Global Samaritan is ready for the challenges ahead. When mission points need help, Global Samaritan’s warehouse is open for business. When trouble comes in the form of storms or earthquakes, we provide help that people need. Join us by making a donation and volunteering in our warehouse.