Logistics, the Warehouse & Mike Murphy

Logistics, the Warehouse & Mike Murphy




1.    the detailed coordination of a complex  operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.


When first accepting my position as Marketing and Development Associate at Global Samaritan I’m not going to lie, I had NO IDEA what the word “logistics” meant and FYI, one of GSR’s moto’s is “Love, Hope, LOGISTICS.” (Insert head in palm here) Obviously having to google the definition 1, I reckon it would be best to combine the word logistics and warehouse into one blog, both very important 9 letter words with completely different views. Warehousing is a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored before they’re exported or distributed. 2 The 55,000 square foot building is an essential part of the supply-chain management and the foundation of every successful organization.

‘What does the warehouse contain?’ You may ask. Well, to name a few off the top of my head…there are crutches, wheelchairs, gauze, bed pans, hospital beds, dental equipment,tables, desks, chairs, water, school supplies, bookcases, fitness equipment aaand it’s probably best I stop there. I don’t want to start losing the 2 possibly 3 people reading this! SO to better understand what logistics is all about, I believe it’s important to understand the meaning of logistics as well as warehousing and then putting those together; Warehouse Logistics. The movement of goods and services within a warehouse that involves the actions, policies and important resources required to keep the warehouse operation we have here at GSR running efficiently.

‘Who’s the brain behind this entire process?’ our Director of Logistics, Mike Murphy, a 30 year veteran, loving husband (his wife is precious, I don’t know how she puts up with him sometimes haha), father, and grandfather. A tough shell on the outside but slowly but surely getting to know him (or maybe it’s the other way around in getting to know and tolerating me) has a soft loving core on the inside. Hands down one of the most honest, hardworking people I know and the definition of what a Good Samaritan would be. Mike’s name will come up from time-to-time in other blog posts (I’m hoping I can convince him into wearing a Fitbit and conduct a study or make a graph of how many steps he acquires on the job per day) so this isn’t the last you will see this name but just a little introduction into logistics, our warehouse and who’s behind the operation. Stay in touch for that guinea pig study I’ll be organizing soon!