What is a Global Samaritan?

Greetings Global Samaritans! This is the first and official blog post and not going to lie I’m a little nervous! I’ve prayed and meditated,made notes, sought out advice, watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts,pretty much anything to procrastinate and finally decided to stop overthinking and just write! I vow, once a week to have some sort of interesting topic and to educate readers on Global Samaritan Resources, what our mission is here, and how to become more involved.

Now hear me out, blogging about a nonprofit organization and logistics is a challenge so at times there will be videos, pictures, charts, oh and I recently discovered a new skill (refer to 2019 2nd Quarter newsletter) drawing pictures of funny nonprofit puns. They’re kind of cheesy but I’m very proud of the up and coming drawings so please try to have a little“non-prophet” sense of humor and give me grace on any opinions, grammatical errors, etc.!

Coming across our website you might be wondering 'what exactly is a ‘Good Samaritan? Where does that term even come from and why is our organization called Global Samaritan Resources?' So, instead of taking the easy way out by reciting the bible word-for-word from the book of Luke (Luke 10:25-37), I’ll summarize hoping I don’t lose you in the process.

When Jesus lived on earth he would often tell stories to teach us things called parables. One day, Jesus told a parable about a good ole guy from a place called Samaria, the Good Samaritan in this summary, to a group of Jewish people: Going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, a man was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him, and left leaving him to die. Two well-respected men, separately passed by the man but it was a Samaritan man who stopped and helped the man up, even being busy in his travels. He cleaned his wounds, clothed him and paid for the man to stay and get well at an inn.

Have you ever passed a group of kids picking on someone smaller or not as “cool?” Or perhaps ignored a person that has dropped something, not helping them pick things up due to a time crunch? I’ve been guilty of maybe not the extent of these two examples but more than likely have experienced an incident where I’ve been “too busy” to stop like the Good Samaritan. Here at GSR we demonstrate God's love by providing logistics knowledge to organizations helping people who are facing hardship, crisis or disaster locally and around the world. In addition to shipping the goods we collect, we store and assemble shipments for mission teams, churches and other organizations that bring their goods to our warehouse.