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Helping Local Non-profits

We are a vital resource for community partners to achieve their mission. We help organizations help people. Because we do not employ caseworkers or social workers ourselves, we coordinate with many local partners to connect our neighbors with the things they need to better their lives.


Our tools allow for greater roi

We use our logistics expertise and enormous warehouse to store, organize and stage donated items for when they are needed. Our inventory can provide a myriad of items to include, but not limited to, medical equipment and supplies, office furniture, equipment and materials, and school furniture and supplies. This could mean anything from a wheelchair to one individual to complete office furniture for a newly opened community rehabilitation shelter.


working with the larger

One of the ways we meet the needs of West Central Texas is by being a participating organization in the Basic Needs Network. We also work with other non-profits, nursing facilities, hospitals, businesses and schools. We build the bridge between people who have things and the people who need things.