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Global Samaritan began in 1999 with a very simple mission: Collect surplus goods and share them with people in need. We started in the back of a truck. Today we have shipped goods to people in need in more than 56 countries on five continents.

Global Samaritan has provided millions of US Dollars of humanitarian aid, water purification and disaster relief. We have partnered directly with thousands of people worldwide. Global Samaritan Resources has been a 501(c)3 Texas Corporation since 2006.

Today we have a 55,000 square foot warehouse in Abilene, Texas filled by families, individuals, businesses, corporations, schools and churches who donate out of their surplus.

In addition to shipping the goods we collect, we store and arrange shipments for mission teams, churches and other organizations that bring their goods to our warehouse. We handle all the logistics. What does logistics mean? It is the management of getting goods from their point of origin to their place of destination. But when logistics is receiving, storing, and shipping material for people in need, “logistics” means hope.


here is a story about our history and services

Take a few minutes and watch this short video we have put together that explains where our story began, what we have done, and what your continued support will allow us to do in the future!


We could not do all that we do without the help of our volunteers and our incredible full time staff!

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