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To demonstrate God's love by providing logistics expertise to organizations helping people who are facing hardship, crisis or disaster.

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Love. Hope. Logistics.

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Disaster relief

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In 1999 we shipped our first 40’ container to Honduras. We repeated our first shipment in 2000 when we loaded another 40’ container of donated goods and shipped it to Honduras. In 2001 we tripled our output when, with the help of generous donors, we shipped a 20’ container to the Ukraine, and 40’ containers to El Salvador and Belize.

In 2012, Global Samaritan shipped one 40’ container per month and over 190 tons of goods worth $800,000 (U.S.). Year around, students, health professionals, missionaries and other workers carry suitcases full of supplies as they travel to areas in need. Smaller amounts of palletized goods are also shipped by Global Samaritan.

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Love. Hope. Logistics.

Serving Locally

Providing Aid

Disaster relief


We partner with churches, corporations, non-profits, missionaries, nondenominational organizations, and individuals who know the people they serve by name.

"Global Samaritan is an awesome organization! It is truly like the Good Samaritan in the Bible. They stop for the one and many in need!"

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"Thank you Global Samaritan for helping out a fellow non profit (REACH for a Difference) by helping to get special needs carts to Abilene !"

Abilene Community Member

"Clean water and food to people who are born into and live in hell on earth. Truly the hands and feet of Jesus."

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Additional services

At Global Samaritan we collect surplus goods of all kinds: medical and school supplies, tools and equipment, household goods, furniture and more. We provide the logistics for storage, staging and shipment of the goods we collect and goods collected by other partners.

Clean water availability is something that many in the industrialized world take for granted, we help provide tools to combat this issue.

In many countries, lack of pure water is the primary reason people are unable to rise out of poverty. Women and children often spend six hours or more each day fetching water for their families and communities. But there is help and hope! Water purification kits from Global Samaritan can bring water to any thirsty community.

With the use of our Abilene based warehouse and expertise in logistical issues, Global Samaritan is able to help those with more provide for those with less.

Our 55,000 square foot warehouse in Abilene, Texas is filled by families, individuals, businesses, corporations, schools and churches who donate out of their surplus. From these generous donors we receive a variety of both new and used goods that we then find a need for in other areas of the world.

When disaster strikes Global Samaritan Resources provides logistical support to those looking to get supplies to those in need.

When disaster strikes people close to home or halfway around the globe, one individual can make a big difference. Global Samaritan is here to help.


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Global Samaritan Resources is a Christian humanitarian aid organization. We help people fulfill one of the greatest callings of life: helping other people. We help people in our hometown of Abilene more than anywhere else in the world. We can help you help!

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